Gregg Fisher bridges the investing and research communities through active engagement with an international network of highly respected academicians and ongoing proprietary research. He is also the author of multiple financial academic research papers and remains a sought-after thought leader in investment strategy.

Quent Research Collaborative

Quent Research Collaborative

The Quent Research Collaborative engages an interdisciplinary team of faculty and students across business management, finance, data science, and economics at the University at Buffalo to conduct active research in collaboration with Quent Capital on themes such as: founder-led businesses, the rise of intangibles in small companies, natural language processing, and wage inequality. It is also the producer of the University at Buffalo School of Management’s Job Quality Index.

Led by Quent Capital academic partner and chair of the finance department at University at Buffalo School of Management, Cristian Tiu, the Collaborative is poised to take advantage of UB being the new home for Empire AI, Govenor Kathy Hochul’s proposed $400 million consortium that aims to put New York State at the forefront of the AI revolution.

Select Research

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